Hiatus · Jun 14, 09:31 pm

Hi. In case anyone still checks my regular blog, I’m going to take an extended hiatus. I’ll be updating my daily photo blog though, daily, as you might have guessed. And I’ll try to make my captions more descriptive and detailed to make up for the lack of regular blog posts. So good bye to you all. Don’t go changing now.

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  1. Hey. Really? I like what you write. :(
    Nobody reads mine anymore.

        Lara    Jun 17, 02:25 pm   
  2. I read!!! I’ll miss your frogs in clogs postings…..Don’t be gone too long!

        Annette    Jun 17, 06:00 pm   
  3. Don’t go breaking my heart. See you on the photo a day!

        anne    Jun 18, 09:34 am   

June is a Good Month · May 30, 10:13 pm

Yes, it feels as though summer may have arrived, although she seems reluctant to give us a full on performance. Last weekend we took the tent trailer to Hicks Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park, where we met up with Julie, Jess, and much of the extended Bossert clan. The weather was amazing, blue skies, hot and sunny. My shoulders were even a bit pink by the end of the weekend.

Anyway, I’m back into the world of discoveries. So far I’ve had five discoveries, and they’ve all been car accidents. I can’t say I’ve missed them. Although it is kind of a nice change to be downtown again. It’s been a very long time since I had to work anywhere other than SFU. There’s so much life and energy downtown. It’s kind of nice.

I suppose that’s about it for my update. Nothing’s new since the arrival of our new puppy, Polly. She and Brimley have become best of friends. I do wish she was housetrained though. And with that, I’m off to bed.

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  1. hey – how are you feeling? are you counting down the days?

        anne    Jun 4, 08:26 pm   

It's May! · May 4, 09:20 pm

I’ve been quite bad at updating these past few months — I guess because I’ve been so diligent about posting my daily photo. Anyway, the last couple weeks have been fairly relaxing. It was Colin’s birthday on April 18, and we had a little party for him that weekend. Michelle came out, and we had Lara and Aaron, Kirstyn and Chris, and Ryan and Art over for dinner and games. Good times.

The following weekend I went to Courtenay to visit my sister and to hang out with my parents. They flew in on the Saturday and stayed until the Wednesday. It was a pretty terrible weekend though, unfortunately, due mostly to the insane upstairs tenant at the duplex. The weather also sucked, and the suite Michelle’s in was still not really finished. Anyway, at least we got a brief visit and had a nice dinner together on the Saturday night.

Last week I discovered that I’ll be getting very few hours of work this semester (four per week), so I had a bit of a panic attack. I came up with the idea of teaching a course on photography for scrapbookers at my favourite scrapbooking store, Clipper Street Scrapbooking Company. I went in to pitch the idea and they LOVED it. Too bad the May/June schedule of classes is already set. I won’t get to start teaching until July, but I’m really looking forward to it! A great way to make some extra money and have some fun too.

This weekend was really fun. My sister came out again and we went to Golden Ears Provincial Park for a tent trailer weekend. Julie and Jess joined us on Friday night with their tent trailer and we had a wonderful weekend in the wilderness. It’s a beautiful place to spend a few days, and today was so sunny and warm that it made spending the afternoon at the beach a real treat. It finally feels like summer might actually show its face around here.

And tomorrow is Monday, and the start of the semester at SFU. Too bad I’ll only be working two days a week. It’s going to be a tight few months. I hope the sun shines a lot to make up for it! This coming weekend we’ll be driving to Salmon Arm for Matt and Lee’s wedding, which should be a very nice time. The next weekend we may head down to Seattle to spend a couple days with Julie and Jess and to go see Blue Rodeo with them — exciting prospect since it’s been literally years since I saw a concert! And the next weekend we may take the tent trailer down to Deception Pass again for another wonderful weekend of outdoor adventure.

Anyway, I’m tired after my big weekend, so I’m off to the bath and bed. I’ve posted an album from this weekend, so enjoy!

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  1. Yay! Great update Kels. I’m an avid reader you know… I’m going to take a gander at your photos then add a few of my own – in a facebook album. I miss you already! It was a fun weekend.

        julie    May 5, 08:29 pm   

Gosh · Apr 15, 11:59 am

It has been a long while since I updated, and an even longer while since I posted a new photo album. Enjoy!

Let’s see, my semester of work ended on April 7th, and since then I’ve been fairly busy in my spare time. My sister is now in Comox — she arrived earlier in the month and has been scrambling to get the duplex into liveable condition. I’ll likely visit her this week, or for sure next week for several days.

The highlight has definitely been the visit from Andrea and Annette. I picked them up last Thursday and we hooked up the tent trailer and then drove to Whistler and checked into the Riverside RV Park. The weather wasn’t so great that first day. It was actually quite cold as we wandered around the village exploring the shops and pubs together. And that night after sitting around by the fire and then getting cold, we headed to bed for an early night. It was quite cold, even with the heater running 24-7. But the next day was quite exciting and adventure filled. I let the girls in on what the surprise activity was, and when they found out we were going ziplining, they were pretty pumped. Annette disguised her enthusiasm with fear, but you could tell she was pretty stoked. And the ziplining was really quite awesome. Five lines, and lots of amazing views and thrills. I’d do it again any day.

After the ziplining, we got ourselves ready and went out for Thai food and a drink. We spent the rest of the night in the tent trailer drinking and talking and giggling before heading to bed. Saturday morning we packed everything up and headed to the gondola. We had lunch at the top of Whistler and enjoyed the spectacular panorama — it was a wonderfully clear and sunny day. And then we made the journey back home, where we had Julie and Jess, Lara, Aaron and Dylan over for bbq and karaoke! It was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Sunday the girls left after we stopped into Dylan’s birthday party (he’s one already!!), and I’ve been recovering ever since. Today I finally feel refreshed again, and I took Brimley and Zara out to Buntzen Lake to run around on the beach for an hour, and they loved it. And now I’m contemplating a trip to Comox to visit my sister. I’m off work until May 5!

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  1. I think I am also finally recovered! You take a lot out of me…phew! Looking forward to the next camping extravaganza! XO

        anne    Apr 16, 12:16 pm   
  2. i’m still beat but it was totally worth it…miss you both.

        annette    Apr 16, 06:09 pm   

Some Days · Mar 27, 10:14 pm

Been a while since I posted. No comments though, so probably no one has noticed. I officially have only four remaining work days until my month off! I sure do love having those months off. The no pay part sucks though, but still, a whole month to relax! Three times a year, no less.

Well, let’s see. We spent the Easter weekend in Nanaimo at Julie and Jess’s new house. It was fun and chaotic and pleasant. Lara, Aaron, Dylan, and Kevin were also there with us, which made for lots of good fun. On Saturday we went out to a farm to take the kids and Brimley for a hay ride and an Easter egg hunt. Brimley was more interested in hunting for new types of poop though, and he was a little flabbergasted at the petting zoo. He’s never seen donkeys or goats or chickens or bunnies, and the experience was quite exciting for him. He desperately wanted to chase the bunnies, and he was quite frightened of the chickens. He seemed to enjoy life on the farm though, which bodes well for when we eventually get our little acreage and hobby farm going. Someday.

Anyway, after the egg hunt, we went to the fabulous swimming pool in Nanaimo, soaked in the hottub, slid down the waterslides, splashed around with the kiddies. It was a blast. And then we had a wonderful barbecue for dinner that night at the house. Sleeping sucked though because we had our inflatable air mattress, and Colin’s seasonal allergies were bothering him, so he tossed and turned a lot, which meant I tossed and turned a lot too. And there were interruptions of various sorts. Needless to say, we were a bit sleepy upon our return on Sunday afternoon, so we had a nice long nap.

And it’s been life as usual since then. The weather sucks these days. It’s cold and dreary, and today it even hailed and snowed for a while. Gross. But tomorrow is Friday, the second best day of the week (after Saturday), and we have a nice weekend ahead. Colin’s mom and Arden are going to be in town, so we’ll be having a family dinner on Saturday night, and spending some time with them on Sunday. And on Sunday evening, I have a scrapbooking class to look forward to.

And next week we’ll be getting a visit from my sister and her friend, Michelle, as they pass through Vancouver with their U-haul, en route to Comox. They’ll spend a night with us before carrying on. It’ll be so wonderful to have my sister living so close. I’m still kind of in disbelief. She’ll be just a ferry ride away!

Well, in other news, Colin and I have sort of been lamenting the fact that we don’t seem to have enough interests. Every night Colin comes home, we eat dinner together and watch TV until bed time. It’s kind of pathetic and leaves us with a feeling of discontent. We brainstormed for a while to see if we could come up with some sort of activity we could engage in one evening per week (in addition to ultimate, which starts in a couple months), but we came up blank. Why am I not interested in anything? I’m so boring. And so bored with my boring life. It feels like I’m just waiting for life to start. Waiting to go and sail around the world. Waiting to move to the island and buy that acreage and build our dream house. Just waiting. And I’m tired of it! But alas, no interests to get me out of the house. Blah.

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  1. I noticed you hadn’t posted in a while! Maybe you guys could try pole dancing lessons, that’s popular these days.

        Michelle    Mar 28, 08:31 am   
  2. maybe chess or tai chi?

        Annette    Mar 31, 10:06 am   
  3. Salsa or ballroom dancing perhaps?

        Nicole Kent    Mar 31, 01:42 pm   
  4. You could go to – safer then going skydiving.
    Love mom

        mom    Apr 1, 09:49 am   
  5. I guess you didn’t notice my comments. And, I am wondering how you could have so much time on your hands with the heavy task of planning our secret activity. You could try renovating something. I’ve heard that’s fun.

        anne    Apr 1, 06:50 pm   
  6. Kels! I know how you feel. Lately we get the kids to bed then watch TV until bed time and it feels like we’re too tired to do anything else. I’m just waiting for the sun to shine so we can have picnics at night and go to the park more. Colin is a great swing dancer – maybe you guys should do a dance class. Romantic and fun!

        Julie    Apr 6, 10:16 pm   
  7. Or a couples massage class??

        Elaine    Apr 10, 08:47 pm